I’m putting up new art on Etsy!

So today I’m going to start putting some new work up on Etsy and every day til Sunday new items will go up. Some of the things going up is two of my daisy sketches, a painting of some lilacs and I also have some photography from Ærø and Marstal that’s going up. 

The other day we took a walk with the dogs around some blocks here in Marstal and the streets are so lovely winding from one side to the other and you never really know which direction the street is heading until you reach the end and even then there might be a small alley, not sure what it’s called in English, in Swedish we call it a cat path. These small paths you can find here and there going between houses connecting one street to another and if you know these small alleys you know how to get across the town very quickly.

This town is quite old and was built in the 1700 and was an important part of the Danish navy merchant fleet. Anyhow what I was wanting to say was that this is an old town and old towns have lots of old lovely houses. 

These houses I’m planning on taking lots of photos of and also a little tour so you can see the beautiful town of Marstal. Some of the photographs that are going up on Etsy this week are of some of the houses we saw on our little tours.

New items going up on Etsy!

So of today I’m going to start putting some new work up on Etsy. Every day til Sunday new items will go up.These are both sketches, painting and some photography with inspiration from Ærø and Marstal that’s going up. Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/ThessACreationsYouTube Bullet journal video : https://youtu.be/Bd7_iv9CpAs Video – How the lilac painting was made : https://youtu.be/hAtT9LR7Q3M

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Let me know what you think of the photos, comment down below. 

Ciao Bella!