A taste of Christmas – Swedish Christmas recipes

A taste of Christmas - Swedish Christmas recipes

  • In this book I've gathered many of the Christmas recipes used at the Swedish Christmas table. Not all of the classics are included and many of the recipes are ones that my family uses and may not be the same as other Swedish families use. Over all I do hope you'll find some fun recipes to try and maybe even some that can become your favourites. You will find many of the classic recipes that you do not want to be without, at the Christmas table such asJanson's temptation and meatballs, but also the sweet that comes with Christmas porridge, saffron buns at Lucia and of course gingerbread cookies. You'll also find a lot of homemade candy many in a healthy, sugar free version but nevertheless sweet and tasty. We should not forget about the beverages we drink during Christmas and in this book some are included such as glowing and te . Wishing you a merry Christmas!
  • 92 pages